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Laboratory // Arizona

We were amazed at how easy and seamless the transition was from our current billing company to get up and running with Business Advisors MD. The implementation was handled in less than a week with absolutely no disruption to our business. We actually started to see increased revenue in the very first month as they started to work our older claims while working on new claims. Business Advisors MD is now an integral part of our growth and invaluable members of our team.

Laboratory // Georgia

Business Advisors MD continues to demonstrate their very deep knowledge of the lab industry. They are abreast of all changes in the industry and are always prepared to offer suggestions to challenges and help us navigate through all the difficult changes the payers continue to throw our way. They see our business needs as their own and are truly a valuable part of our success.

Laboratory //  Texas

Business Advisors MD was instrumental in helping us setting up our start-up lab. They were able to quickly obtain our CLIA.  They were able to contract us with federal and commercial payers, provided invaluable guidance in setting up fee schedules, requisition forms and processes. The billing process has been very transparent and the reporting is exceptional, allowing us to really analyze our business properly. They were also very helpful in introducing us to reference labs within their network as a result expanding our offerings to our clients. Truly a GREAT partnership!

Testimonials: Clients

Hospital // Louisiana

We had engaged Business Advisors MD to come in and clean up our A/R that our current billing company neglected to collect. We were amazed at the very detailed approach they took to let us know exactly why each claim was not paid, furthermore they provided very detailed action items that we took back to our billing team to rework claims. We collected over $5M in old A/R. Needless to say we switched to Business Advisors MD soon thereafter and wish we were referred to them sooner!

Hospitalist Goup //  Texas

Business Advisors MD was instrumental in helping us set up our company, get us credentialed quickly with the payers we wanted to be in network with, and also helped us get hospital privileges.  They educated us on how to properly code our encounters. Business Advisors MD optimized our processes by implementing paperless charge capture.  They are very aggressive in determining correct patient insurance especially turning "self pays" to insured claims.  They are very sophisticated in what they do, and we are very happy with not only collections but how quickly we get paid.

Private Practice // Florida

Business Advisors MD was engaged to bring efficiencies into our processes and reduce our workloads, especially the administrative functions of the managing partner of our large practice. They successfully did that in a very short period of time. The precision of the methods Business Advisors MD used allowed us to relax, knowing that if our providers forgot to bill a patient or incorrectly coded a chart, they would quickly alert us, leading to peace of mind. Business Advisors MD is always accessible and we especially love their monthly emails alerting us to new codes and suggestions to improve cash flow. Business Advisors MD also introduced us to new ancillary services which has doubled our practice revenue. They are the best!

Testimonials: Clients
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