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Unique - being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. Distinctive, Special, Uncommon.


Our Difference: Services

Quick Seamless Implementation

We have a deep resource pool and are capable of implementing billing systems in less than 5 days allowing for a quick scalability and billing to begin on short notices. Our clients enjoy a very seamless transition with out any negative impact to cash flow. in fact, clients will see increase revenue in the very first month.



Our entire billing process is very transparent to our clients. Nothing is done behind a thick vale, and we don't share selected reports with clients. We offer all the transparency of your own in-house billing with all the benefits of professionals addressing your billing needs.



We realize the importance of timely and accurate financial reporting to be able to make the right business decisions. We offer full access to all reporting, in addition to frequent meaningful reports being issued by our financial analysts. 


True Partnership

We know the importance of financial reporting is to evaluate your business, evaluate your staff, and determine areas of improvement.  We offer very transparent billing and full access to all reporting so you are never in the dark. We also provide management dashboards and have the ability to add sales rep reporting.

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