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Physician Services

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Medical Billing

Our services are offered across many specialties. We currently have clients in over 20 different specialties. Our teams are specialty-focused given the unique coding and billing requirements of each. We also work with large hospitalist groups and can help minimize the data capture burden for these groups. We have great success billing for ancillary physician services.

Our services begin with evaluating and training the front desk to ensure they are performing the correct tasks to maximize collections.

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Credentialing and Contracting

We have an in-house team that only works with credentialing and contracting services. We understand which forms are needed for Federal and Commercial payers and know the importance of completing all necessary documentation correctly the first-time, given the urgency to obtain effective dates. 

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A/R Recovery

Our dedicated A/R Recovery team is entirely focused on this one area. We are not having to move resources from billing clients to accomplish A/R Recovery. More importantly, having dedicated resources allows us to have people with the right skill set to be able to effectively communicate with payers, understand the issues, correct claims, appeal claims, most importantly - follow up on claims. 

We have services to offer full A/R Recovery for our clients, while they keep their existing billing team to process current claims. We can also research all unpaid claims and provide claim-level reasons for denials as well as corrective action to take. We can provide this report to your billing team to then action on our findings. 

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Our team is lead by former Big 4 executives and the team has many members from payer Special Investigative units. We understand reasons for payer audits, how to implement strategies to reduce the risk of audits, we well as reviewing client processes to ensure compliance. 

We offer claim audits to help clients determine causes of claim denials and can provide solutions to minimize unpaid claims.

Our group of certified coders by specialty can review patient charts to ensure adequacy of documentation. We can educate physicians on requirements of documentation to support codes. 

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We offer coding services to physicians in all specialties. We have a very deep bench of certified coders so we can align coders with the client's specialty. Unlike other coding services we don't use coders to code all specialties. There are too many unique circumstances for each and therefore it is critical the team of coders has first-hand experience with that particular specialty. 

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